Thursday, November 5, 2015

Inducted as an Active Member into the Federation of Canadian Artists

Recently I joined the Federation of Canadian Artists, and this week I was inducted as an Active Member. I'm quite excited to be accepted as a member of such a prestigious organization. Already I have benefited from an excellent workshop by Nicoletta Baumeister (AFCA) on abstract painting.
There are numerous exhibitions and workshops for members. I will be participating in two upcoming exhibitions.

On November 10th, I have two pieces in Ten Squared, a fundraising event for the Federation. Sales go online and in person on November 10-22nd. This is a chance to own some wonderful original art by talented artists. Here are my two Encaustic pieces for sale:

Spring Flowers - Encaustic,watercolour and collage

Ocean Beach - Encaustic and shellac burn

On January 5th-17th, I will have this piece in the Active Members Show.

Light in the Forest - 48"x48" mixed media 
                                                  Hope you'll visit the exhibitions!

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